Can Vitamins Reverse Hair Loss?

Learn how vitamins can help improve overall scalp health and reduce the rate of hair loss. Find out which vitamins are most effective for treating alopecia.

Can Vitamins Reverse Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem that can be improved with vitamin and mineral supplements. While supplementation is relatively affordable and easily accessible, it's important to know what vitamins and minerals are useful for treating hair loss. Vitamins for hair growth, such as vitamin D supplements, are said to help curb alopecia and baldness to some extent. Low vitamin D levels may be associated with a poor hair growth cycle, which can cause slow growth that could aggravate hair thinning and the appearance of bald spots.If the cause of hair loss is a vitamin deficiency, taking a supplement for that particular vitamin may be an effective solution.

Vegans, vegetarians and women are at greater risk of suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, and thinning hair is one of the symptoms. In one study, a 45-year-old woman diagnosed with diffuse hair loss was treated with vitamin D supplements for three months.Sudden hair thinning can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as a period of extreme stress, pregnancy, interruption of the use of birth control pills, hormonal changes, high fever, or hair pulls. But at the end of the day, you'll still experience hair loss if you have male pattern baldness, no matter how many vitamins you take.Unlike topical treatments such as minoxidil or Propecia, vitamins are not known to stop hair loss. However, they can help improve the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles.

This can help reduce the rate of hair loss and even promote new growth. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) says biotin and raspberry ketone are often recommended supplements for androgenetic alopecia, but notes that there is little research on the use of these treatments. Sudden and persistent thinning of hair or hair loss in clumps could be the sign of an underlying medical condition.The role of vitamin D in the hair follicle is evidenced in hair loss in patients with vitamin D-dependent type II rickets. There are several vitamins and minerals related to hair health and are often sold as an effective way to reverse hair loss.

These include thiamine (B), riboflavin (B), niacin (B), pantothenic acid (B), vitamin B6, biotin (B), folate and vitamin B12.However, it's important to note that while these vitamins may help improve overall scalp health, they won't necessarily stop or reverse hair loss. There were three cases of non-combable hair syndrome, three cases of brittle nail syndrome, one case of alopecia due to the intake of valproic acid and one case of a baby taking a dietary supplement without biotin.While the hair thinning process may be worrisome at first, many types of thin hair are treatable. Taking vitamins for hair growth can help improve overall scalp health and reduce the rate of hair loss. However, it's important to note that these vitamins won't necessarily stop or reverse male pattern baldness.

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